Charities you can support

If you register and login, we will make a donation to the charity of your choice for each day that you visit the Heritage Cirqa Advent Calendar.

All of the charities feature in the Good Gifts catalogue, which is the main charity that IS Oxford supports each year.

You can choose which charity you want us to support on your behalf on the registration page.

Fresh Start

Give practical help to those forced to flee war or natural disaster, because they have suffered enough. Keep them safe, so they can start to build a new life.

Teach a mother to read

In war-torn areas of Africa (including Somalia, Sudan and Uganda) women missed out on education. But now they're able to glimpse a different, significantly better life, where they are able to acquire the ability to read and write. Our village literacy groups offer friendship, achievement and the opportunity to improve the future.

Let no child go hungry

Rising prices and falling incomes, sudden unemployment or sickness, throw families into poverty. Our Food Banks are a lifeline. Donated supplies can be erratic, so food runs out. Make sure no child goes hungry, by helping to keep Food Banks stocked.