Terms and conditions 2015

The following are the (rather lengthy - sorry!) full terms and conditions for the IS Oxford Advent Calendar registration, submissions and prize draw.
  1. The calendar is open to be viewed by anyone.
  2. Visitors may register as well to become Registered Users.
  3. Registration will require, as a minimum, the following information: name, email address, institution, position.
  4. Your privacy is very important to us. Hence registration information will only be used by IS Oxford as set out on this page and will not be passed to any other organisation nor used for general marketing purposes.
  5. Registered Users who are connected with the running of a library in a recognised institution e.g. listed in the UK Libraries Directory, will be be considered as Qualified Registered Users.
  6. IS Oxford reserve the right to determine at the time of making a draw whether a registered user's institution and position do not adequately comply with the qualification requirements above.
  7. IS Oxford reserves the right to moderate all registrations and to reject any that are considered, by IS Oxford, to be illegitimate or bogus.
  8. A visit to an advent day page will only be counted for charitable giving and prizes if that visit is made on the day of that page (the Correct Day) e.g. on the 4th December for the 4th day of Advent. The day will be determined using UTC i.e. based on the clock on the server, not the local time of the registered user's computer.
  9. A contribution of up to 15p will be made to the charity chosen by a Registered User for each unique day that they visit on the Correct Day. The maximum total contribution to all charities on any one day will be at least £50 not including any contributions resulting from submissions.
  10. Prize winners will be drawn randomly from the list of Qualified Registered Users visiting on the Correct Day.
  11. Prize winners will be notified by email, normally on the next working day after the day of the prize.
  12. Any decision made by IS Oxford concerning eligibility shall be final. The results of the prize draws shall also be final unless the winner chooses to rescind the prize, in which case there will be a new draw for that prize.
  13. By registering you agree that, should you win a prize, your name and institution may be published as a prize winner on our website and in our newsletter.
  14. Registered Users also agree to being sent daily information about the Advent calendar during Advent. After Advent there will just be a few summary emails and notification about next year's calendar. They may opt out of this service at any time by sending an email requesting to be removed to sales@isoxford.com. Your details will not be used for any other communications unless you have indicated otherwise on your registration form, you are an existing customer or have previously requested information from us.
  15. The charity that is recorded against each Registered User on the 24th December will be considered as the chosen charity to make all donations on their behalf as a result of their visits.
  16. IS Oxford staff or their close relatives are not eligible for registration or any prizes but may submit photographs or reviews.
  17. Anyone making a submission of a photograph or review (a Work) must possess the necessary rights to allow IS Oxford to publish it in the calendar. In general this will mean that they are the photographer or author of the Work.
  18. Anyone submitting a Work is considered to give IS Oxford non-exclusive rights to reproduce the Work on the Advent Calendar and any other material associated with it such as leaflets or advertisements.
  19. IS Oxford will make an extra donation to charity for each individual who submits a photograph (£5) or book review (£10) to the advent calendar.
  20. IS Oxford reserve the right to close the ability to submit book reviews and photographs at any time.